Condom Fetish

Aí está um fetiche que une o útil ao agradável. Achei neste site um relato interessante de um rapaz que conta um fetiche inusitado de sua parceira: Fetiche por camisinhas.

O texto, em inglês, ele fala de como ela se sentia e do porque gostava de camisinhas. Segundo relato, ela adorava ver o pênis com camisinha, pois passava uma ideia “malvada e misteriosa”. Ela adorava ver colocar e ela mesma colocar, diz que a fazia se sentir gostosa e “vadia”, e o fato dela colocar a camisinha fazia a senti como se estivesse usando algo perigoso e proibido, gostava da ideia de uma barreira, como se fosse proibido se tocarem. Ela adora também o cheiro e o gosto.

Segundo o parceiro no começo ele achou estranho mas acabou gostando da ideia, principalmente depois de perceber que usando camisinha, ela fazia coisas com o dente que nunca sonharia se estivesse sem, além de prolongar o prazer. Ela adorava ver o parceiro ejacular na camisinha, mas nem por isso ela deixava de chupa-lo depois de gozar.

“With AIDS an STD’s, you’ve really got a wear a condom these days for casual sex . In fact, if I ever picked up some girl who said, “Nah, don’t bother,” I’d turn around and walk the other way, because who knows who else she’s said the same thing to?

No one likes them, but I knew one girl who did. She loved them—seemed to have some sort of fetish. It wasn’t just for health reasons either. She even liked the way my cock looked in a rubber, like it was “evil and ghostly”. She liked to watch me put them on. She said it made her feel hot and slutty. She liked to put it on me herself too, like she was handling something dangerous. She got off on the idea of that latex barrier between us. She said it made sex feel dirtier, like we weren’t even allowed to touch. She liked the feel of them, the smell and the taste.

She liked going down on me when I wore one, and I learned to love it too. It really did look evil in her mouth—dirty and obscene, like watching her suck a dildo—and because the condom dulled my sensitivity, she could do things with her teeth that no one could ever do to me when I was unprotected. The fact that the lack of sensitivity made me last longer wasn’t all bad either.

She especially liked to see me ejaculate when I was wearing a condom and she always wanted me to take it out of her before I climaxed so she could watch. I can still see her now, leaning over me and beating me off, her eyes glazed with lust, mouth open in breathless expectation, tongue twitching as she waiting for the moment. She’d hear me groan, feel my muscles tighten, then I’d throw my head back and thrust into her hand as the come spurt into the rubber and filled it with frothing liquid heat that soon coated my dick in a thick slime of my own discharge.

That sense of restraint was almost like torture, and the feeling of frustration was almost like impotence as I blew my wad within that latex sleeve. Maybe it would have been too much, but she always pulled the condom off afterwards and sucked me clean, so I never complained.”

Fonte: Rabbit’s Reviews

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